Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nintex Workflow 2013 Installation - Problems

I noticed 4 problems when installing Nintex Workflow Preview.

1. Don't log on to the SharePoint store using the System Account - I know I should have never tried that. :-). You get strange errors.

2. Check your IE Settings when you get the message "Only secure content is displayed".

Change your IE settings
You should enable "Display mixed content"
You will find it under "Internet Options" -> "Security" -> "Local Intranet" -> "Custom Level"

Enable mixed content
3. When you get an error message like "Microsoft.Workflow.Client not found" try to restart your IIS. After azure workflow Installation you should do an IIS reset.

4. When you start a workflow, but you get unauthorized exception you may want to check if your User Profile is configured!

It is not easy to get your workflows up and running, but it is worth it!

SharePoint 2013 Installation Guide at Critical Path Training

A clean installation of SharePoint 2013 Preview is a hard thing.
The architecture changed a lot and there are many things you must consider setting up your development environment. Luckily the guys from Critical Path Training wrote a very recommendable installation guide.
You can find it in the members area - registration is free!

It will save you a lot of try and error!
Have fun!