Friday, July 20, 2012

SharePoint 2013 - How to install SharePoint 2013 Workflow

This article describes how to install the Sharepoint 2013 workflow (Azure Workflow) on your development/demo machine. Please not that although it is called Azure we can install it on premise.

If we don't install the Azure Workflow, we only have "SharePoint 2010 Workflow" platform listed!

SharePoint 2013 Workflows missing

For those who are wondering if it is possible to install it on the same machine as SharePoint - Yes you can!

Follow these steps

1. Download the Windows Azure Workflow Installer.
2. Follow the wizard.
Windows Azure Workflow Configuration Wizard
Attention: You will get an Access Denied (401) if you don't use the FQDN!
Find more information about that here!

Update: AC wrote a post about various errors that can occure:

3. Wait for the wizard to complete

Wizard completed successfully

4. Open SharePoint 2013 Management Shell
5. Execute
PS C:\Users\Administrator> Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite http://SERVERNAME -WorkflowHostUri http://SERVERNAME:12291 -AllowOAuthHttp
Use AllowOAuthHttp only if you don't use SSL

You can get the right port from IIS
I experienced an Access Denied here - after server reboot that was done. Did anybody else have this issue?

6. Done
Go to Central Administration - Manage service applications - App Fabric Application Proxy
App Fabric Application Proxy

7. Create a new workflow

For further questions please use the comments.

Note: There is suppose to be a check for local groups in the Azure Workflow installer. I installed it on a DC and didn't receive any errors yet. Please leave me a message in the comments or

if you also installed it on DC successfully. Thank you!

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